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Eye Information 

Eyes of humans and animals allows the individual to collect large amounts of information about the surounding world.  But eyes of and their movements are also rich sources of information for an external observer. Our research focuses on to which extend we can obtain information from images of eyes (humans and other animals) through  computationally  tractable techniques and how this information can be used  in future applications.

The human eye is the only part of (or at least evolved from)  the brain that is visible.  More than 100 years of research in human eye movements has shown that eye movements and pupillary response  are the essential motor movements that are controlled by the human cognitive system. Many  impressive results about which information can be collected from the eye movements have been presented. More recently it been shown that  eyes also posses information about identity,  may be used as predictors for future actions and possess indicators for various diseases. New research may show that similar results also apply to certain animal groups. The eyes have evolved for information retrieval in dynamical environments but interactive applications (eye tracking in particular) have  mostly been used in somewhat controlled environments and for specialized user groups . We research how eye information can be used by the general public and in dynamical environments.

The group has a thorough background in research and development of eye trackers.

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